Over the last 5 years, I’ve seen a huge change in Talent Acquisition teams. Gone are the days of 360-degree recruiters, where each individual does everything from hiring manager engagement, publishing the job post, talent sourcing, screening, interviewing, shortlisting, salary negotiation, employer branding; in essence, the works.

The case for external service providers:

         Any large, global TA team would now comprise a mix of specialists which includes: sourcers, recruiters, coordinators, branding experts, campus ambassadors, operations managers, etc.

         The question I have is not about the merits of the division of labor within the TA team. It actually makes perfect sense to have talented people doing specific parts of the work where speed to hire the best talent for the firm is paramount. However, instead of TA leaders hiring specific individuals for specialized roles, are there other alternatives to consider?

For example, there are service providers who can provide candidate sourcing and employer branding consulting and also the RPOs to augment current TA teams. The case that TA heads often give to hire full-time staff is that “doing things internally is best as service providers won’t understand their business”. Well, if service providers are given a proper briefing to these service providers and stringent service-level agreements, you can be damn sure that vendors will do their best to deliver. Often bringing in an external provider can be a faster way to scale your business and therefore quicker turn-around time.

During this pandemic crisis, businesses have been scaling back and laying off employees including those in TA. Hiring freezes are the norm now. But when hiring starts ticking up, TA Leaders should seriously consider engaging sourcing vendors and contract recruiters to fill the gaps. Why? It helps lower your cost and potentially faster deliverables.