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Recruitment Re-Engineered


The Challenge

Use technology to help manage a high volume of candidates and reduce the usual high costs from recruitment agencies.

The Outcome

iVideoSmart now has an extensive talent pool with ability to hire multiple candidates for just one upfront cost.

iVideoSmart are a VC-backed advertising technology and online video platform business, based in Singapore.

The transparency provided by the TechBridge platform and the ability to hire multiple candidates from one campaign for a low cost appealed to iVideoSmart.

“I loved the model… It’s high time for the market to enjoy the type of service TechBridge offers.”

Milan Reinartz, iVideoSmart CEO 

They took a data-focused approach to the hiring process which made the most of our targeted data intelligence campaign which, in combination with our team’s outreach meant we were able to provide a large volume of candidates.

The platform allowed iVideoSmart to have a clear understanding of the process, view the volume of candidates and their CVs, get in touch with candidates and understand how the information they provided to the team was put into action.

“The attitude from the team was great. They’ve got great energy, give great feedback. Treat us very well, they don’t get frustrated if my partners ask questions!”

Milan Reinartz, iVideoSmart CEO 

iVideoSmart were able to seek feedback quickly from a high volume of candidates however COVID-19 affected their hiring at the time of the campaign.

iVideoSmart have the benefit of keeping on file the numerous CVs provided, ensuring they have a large talent pool to contact when they are hiring next.

“I hope you guys are the new ‘normal’ type of recruiter.”

Milan Reinartz, iVideoSmart CEO