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Getting The Foundation Right


The Challenge

Getting stakeholder buy-in on a new way of recruiting.

The Outcome

Lynx Analytics gained consensus to try our low-cost model with enduring benefits, plus an offer-worthy candidate delivered within a week.

High-growth predictive analytics outlet Lynx Analytics had trouble gaining internal consensus on an external recruitment partner. 

Our low cost model allowed the Lynx Analytics talent team to get buy-in from their Chief Operating Officer to try something new.

Frustration with an inability to recruit more than one role efficiently due to high costs and a desire to stay in touch with candidates was resolved with our re-engineered recruitment model.

“It’s a small amount of money and we get a bunch of candidates in our system that we can build a prospect pipeline from in the long run. The service makes sense.”

Time Kugler, Lynx Analytics Talent Acquisition/Human Resources Executive 

Lynx Analytics entered the process with high energy and positivity after our kickoff meeting, where we helped them focus on the specifics of the role they were recruiting for.

“We’ve learnt a lot already in the kick off meeting… I think the COO loved that too, that you guys came in and helped us get to a hiring point.”

Time Kugler, Lynx Analytics Talent Acquisition/Human Resources Executive 

Within a week they had made an offer to a local candidate.

After the campaign ended we continued to source the role, committed until at least 3 qualified candidates were sent to the manager.

 “I love that the platform you guys have built lets us hire as many people as we want per campaign.”

Time Kugler, Lynx Analytics Talent Acquisition/Human Resources Executive 

Our platform allows Lynx Analytics continued access to the CVs of shortlisted candidates, ensuring they can stay in touch and enjoy a shorter time to hire when they are next hiring.