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Finding a Niche Candidate


The Challenge

Deliver a shortlist of hard-to-find talent at a low cost.

The Outcome

BitWallet not only hired the one niche role they were looking to fill, but also a second candidate for a short-term role at no extra cost.

Singaporean-based, privately-funded FinTech business BitWallet has large operations in Japan and needed to fill a role that has a limited talent pool. 

They had previously worked with traditional recruitment agencies however the high costs were a turn off.

After meeting with our team, TechBridge’s low costs were the first thing to catch the BitWallet team’s attention.

The second was the ability to explore and hire as many candidates as they wished, despite engaging us for only a single role.

 “We were able to explore more candidates even though we only wanted to hire one initially. If you really like the candidate and think they’ll be a good fit… you can hire them. That’s what I really like about the [TechBridge] model!”

Thet Htar, BitWallet Talent Manager

We were able to connect with the Japanese-speaking market in our 60-day recruitment campaign and secure a high-quality short list of candidates. 

“I was impressed that they were able to penetrate the Japanese-speaking market for us.”

Thet Htar, BitWallet Talent Manager

We gave BitWallet ownership of the candidates so they could contact them directly, even after our initial engagement had ended. They found this particularly helpful as it enabled them to easily get in touch with hard-to-find talent.

Speaking with candidates at such an early stage of the process allowed the BitWallet team to establish communication and discuss their processes in real time.

Impressed by the CVs on offer and after connecting with the candidates, BitWallet filled their niche role and also hired a second candidate on a 3-month contract.

“Based on the quality we received in a hard-to-recruit market, we hired the [second] candidate on a short-term basis. And of course, there are no extra charges!”

Thet Htar, BitWallet Talent Manager