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Effective and Efficient Sourcing


The Challenge

Reduce costs and time to hire while improving consistency of quality and quantity of candidates.

The Outcome

Blu now have an understanding of the most cost-effective way to improve their hiring process for all candidates.

Fed up with the high costs and time involved to grow multiple teams, retail logistics services organisation blu engaged TechBridge to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their hiring process.

In a volatile market blu had struggled to process a large volume of candidates in a short period of time. This need has only grown.

In their previous dealings with recruitment companies, blu found there was not a large focus on sourcing, which meant more testing and interviewing for blu, before they would find the right person to hire.

The effectiveness of our re-engineered recruitment model of sourcing allows blu to hire more often, for reduced costs.

“The lack of restriction on the number of hires per campaign… makes things less complicated. The way it’s presented made it a lot easier to get going.”

Prashant Dadlani, Blu Founder & CEO 

Blu had clear expectations from the timeline of our 60-day recruitment campaign, and found it easy to begin their new hiring process. Our team remained in contact throughout for any support needed.

 “The team we dealt with were very cooperative and understanding during the process. The human element came across then, even though you’re a contactless service!”

Prashant Dadlani, Blu Founder & CEO 

The biggest success for blu from this process was minimising hiring costs.

“The biggest innovation is around price point”

Prashant Dadlani, Blu Founder & CEO