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Being smart when it comes to scaling your team


The Challenge

Growing teams intelligently by trying something new, 

The Outcome

Sparrow Exchange now operates a more permanent and efficient way to collate qualified candidates that want to be part of their business’s journey, quicker.  

Sparrow is a leading options trading platform, providing the simplest way to control risk and monetize digital assets.

The business has been on a constant hiring drive since its founding, in order to find the right candidates who want to grow with the business. A range of different vendors have been tested, from recruitment agents , to headhunters to stand alone platforms. 

A more sustainable hiring model was still required. 

“The idea of you guys was quite new for us, the pricing was really attractive compared to traditional agents hiring against monthly candidates. We started with 1, and then added another 2 campaigns after we saw the results come through” 

Any company scaling at a fast pace has little spare time on their hands. Going through CVs manually with recruiters simply isn’t an efficient use of time anymore. 

“The experience was really positive from our side in terms of finding candidates. Also, using the platforms as a means of reviewing and feeding back on candidates, was very refreshing. No more emailing and loose documents being sent around. It was good for us to learn how efficient a recruitment drive could be run. Agencies meanwhile don’t incorporate platforms into their services so they communicate by email and calls. When you’re screening 30 or 40 candidates, it’s a lot to ask to speak about them all over the phone”

Technology wasn’t isn’t just a solution to candidate sourcing. As Sparrow uncovered, it’s also a means of prioritising work flow in a streamlined manner. For a business calling at a rapid rate, this gave Sparrow more control in their recruitment process.”  

“You guys managing everything over the portal, to us, is pretty neat. We can review straight away or in our own time..“I’d definitely recommend you guys to anyone who was looking to hire, irrespective of whether they were scaling or not, it was an effortless process”