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Adapting to changing circumstances


The Challenge

Finding a hiring partner that was flexible enough to adjust to changes in recruitment criteria without charging more. 

The Outcome

CXA were able to make a niche hire in the legal and their compliance team, after realigning their vacancy’s specification. 

CXA Group is a Singapore based predictive and data intelligence platform for better health, and wellness choices. 

After investing in their Talent & HR functions, CXA realised that the outsourced partners they were using, actually restricted rather than  empowered their business. 

Following an introduction with the TechBridge team, CXA were most attracted to our model’s agility. It gave them the flexibility needed to hire more accurate candidates in a competitive compliance industry.  

“We’re a star up right, so we move quite fast, and the direction also changes quite quickly too! So for example when we started off we were looking at a legal/compliance role. However we had to change the job specification”

As CXA rightly identified, start ups can’t afford to have long and drawn out hiring processes

“The reason for a role opening up a lot of the time is that we need to get people in ASAP. So I think the TechBridge model worked really well based on how we needed to organise our internal process” 

“As a start up we need to be sensitive about where we’re spending money, and the model worked beautifully well with this internal goal” 

After engaging with CXA, our model provided an industry benchmark of general strong candidates in the governance & security space, before then working on more niche searches based on the roles required.  

This was worlds apart from the type of service used previously: 

“Recruiters would get whatever may be available from their database, and candidates they send across may just be ones they’re simply working with on another campaign. So sometimes these shortlists may not be exactly in line with our expectations. I’d say the recruitment model we worked with previously wasn’t so good at being agile to our hiring needs”

Overall, we were delighted that CXA were able to launch a tailored & successful hiring campaign in a company atmosphere that was subject to constant change. 

“This model is the most helpful I’ve worked with in the hiring space for sure”