Talent Acquisition On Demand's key note hiring service.

"What's amazing is that businesses no longer have to worry about 'recruitment leg work' or agency fees. The cold call war that recruiters have been waging for the last century is over!"
- Dom, Founder of TechBridge Market

What would you like to uncover?

More accessible & on-demand than ever before

More affordable than your status-quo

More accurate than recruiting yourself

More Accessible & On Demand

How is Soucing-As-A-Service used?

Guaranteed Benefits

No cost per hire

No more 'selling' in candidates or charge recruitment fees. This is why on average our clients save $13.8k per hire they make

60 day campaigns

Our model commits to two months worth of quality hiring

Screen & Qualify

It's why we're not a straight service, or a straight tech solution. Our model offers the most balanced approach in the market by offering both

Passive & Active candidates

Our home made technology spreads itself across pools of candidates actively looking for a new job, and candidates who require headhunting for your job, because they're so well suited for it.

Team of experts sourcing data

Key to our model is a team of local experts who work as a team to find the right candidate to fill your vacancy

Quality Transparency

All of our model's clients are given access to a real time applicant portal so you can see the recruitment process progress live. No shortcuts, or hidden upselling.

Local market insights

Our kick off session is designed to give a fair and data lead view on the market you're looking to hire in, across candidate pool size, competitor analysis and salary benchmarking. We'll make sure your role gets off to the start you need.

Automated recruitment logistics

No more cold calling to book interviews, take feedback or 'sell in' applicants. Our home made portal lets you handle the leg work in your own time.

Less time to hire

With our model talent teams, HR functions and business leaders are able to spend more time on strategic matters than on the leg work of finding and qualifying candidates.

Minimum three final stage interviews

Our model guarantees a level of quality that has businesses take at least three candidates to a hiring manager interview. If this doesn't happen within 60 days, we keep working until it does, or replace your campaign for free.