Lynx Analytics x Sourcing-As-A-Service

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Founded in 2010, Lynx Analytics is a high growth predictive analytics outlet run by quantitative marketing scientists and industry experienced data scientists.

Recruiting Frustrations

Building internal consensus from stakeholders regarding which external recruitment partner to engage

Staying in touch with candidates

Inability to recruit more than one role efficiently due to high cost

Overall Views on TechBridge's Model

Overall, from the business model and the way you work it’s a great experience.l I do believe in the business model and the way it works . Pretty much, I believe it’s a great thing you bring to the market

I’m very happy with this model. In comparison to agency fees, this is way lower. This is something that our COO, who is very cautious on the HR budget, says let’s try out. It’s a small amount of money and we get a bunch of candidates in our system that we can build a prospect pipeline from in the long run. The service makes sense. I see the process.

I had a very positive feeling and I believe the COO of our company had very positive feeling after the first kick off meeting

Quality of Service

It was a very positive start, in a week's time TechBridge found someone who we offered a position to, who is a local Singaporean!

We saw from the beginning, where we got some many profiles in a week. Interestingly, we didn’t have at least 3 qualified candidates sent to the hiring manager, I think we only had 1. Although our campaign will stop, techBridge will continue to source the role. This is a great commitment! 

I love that the platform you guys have built lets us hire as many people as we want per campaign. I think that’s a great feature. For bigger organisations than ours, they probably have a number of role, so they can probably convert some people into other roles. For sure it will be beneficial for us, just not at the moment. I’m sure it will useful as we grow!

What’s really good is that we’ve learnt a lot already in the kick off meeting and I love that. I think the COO loved that too, that you guys came in and helped us get to a hiring point. We didn’t need to change the role after this. I loved that the learning happened right at the beginning