iVideoSmart x Sourcing-As-Service

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Founded in 2016, iVideoSmart are a VC backed Advertising technology and Online Video Platform business based in Singapore. iVideoSmart's customers leverage AI and machine learning to their clients digital journey.


Recruiting Frustrations

Volume of candidates they receive from partners

High cost of recruitment agencies

The need to 'technologise' the recruitment process

Overall View on TechBridge's NextGen model

I hope you guys are the new ‘normal’ type of recruiter, not the traditional agencies

I loved the model. I’m bias because I was thinking about something exactly similar to this business 

Recruitment agency and property agency are totally outdated modes, they haven’t seen any disruption for decades, and they don’t make economical sense. It’s high time for the market to enjoy the type of service TechBridge offers. The product doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s about continuously iterating 

It’s very very good, it’s perfect, business model wise it makes sense. From our point of view it’s also great. We use three recruiters, you guys and our internal team. I believe recruitment is the most important thing in building a business, it’s so hard finding the right experience. There are lots of ‘have tos’ - energy, intelligence, attitude

Quality of Service

Generally, What I really like is the volume. You guys get a good volume of candidates. I think the process is a great idea of seeking feedback quickly from candidates

The attitude from the team was great. They’ve got great energy, give great feedback. Treat us very well, they don’t get frustrated if my partners ask questions!

The ability to make multiple hires from one campaign is also a very good experience...For the price, and the ability to hire multiple candidate from one campaign and CV, I think it’s awesome, I really love that aspect of the product

The volume of CVs was really great. If Covid didn’t hit, we would have hired 2 or the engineers, because we need more. But I'm keeping them all on file so I have a big roster of CVs. this is one big benefit that I really liked

At the beginning we didn't have an initial JD because I know you guys use data sets, also i'd rather feed that engine in terms of what information i wanted to see. I approached it with more of a focus on data. It was better in approach

Seeing everything in action was great...I loved seeing it!