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Hiring Manager Partnership

Among all the things that keep recruiters up at night, be they junior or senior TA professionals, the one common challenge is the dreaded hiring manager 😊

Every recruiter has had at least one horror story. These include hiring managers who want the purple squirrel (read as candidates that don’t exist) to those that keep changing the specs of the job description. To be fair, there are many hiring managers whom we have great partnerships as well.

Hiring Manager Partnership Checklist

  1. Always schedule a briefing session with the hiring manager when we get a new req. No matter how straight forward the req looks, never take anything for granted.
  2. Create a list of questions that you will ask the hiring manager. Email this list before the actual meeting. If it’s a brand-new role, managers may need some time to ponder on the skills and responsibilities.
  3. Schedule a weekly meeting with the hiring manager once you undertake the req. At this briefing, show a list of candidates you have sourced. This spreadsheet can contain the following: which sources the candidates come from, company names, job titles, candidate’s interest level when they were approached (not interested, want to find out more, interested, etc.), next steps with the candidates. Be as detailed as possible. This spreadsheet will show the amount of work you have done to create the candidate pipeline. In my experience, this is the best way to earn your respect with the hiring manager and to cement a solid partnership for the long-term.
  4. Be embedded with the hiring manager’s business unit. If you can, request that you sit-in on the weekly meetings that the hiring manager has with her team. This gives you a first-hand view of the team dynamics, the leadership of the manager, and challenges/projects which the business unit is facing. This info can give you a better understanding of the role and allows you to sell the job to candidates.

There are other ways to build a better hiring manager partnership. But if these four strategies are followed, it can go a very long way to making you a successful recruiter in your organization.

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