A fortnight ago (early August 2020), Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) put 47 employers on a watchlist for discriminatory hiring practices. A majority of these employers made most of their hires from a single nationality.

Reasons for discriminatory hiring:

         One can speculate the various reasons for this happening; the list below is not exhaustive:

  1. The most obvious being that hiring managers favoring only a particular nationality. This would be outright discrimination.
  2. The employer not casting their hiring net wide enough to take into account greater diversity in terms of nationality, gender, age, etc. Perhaps the employers lack HR resources to look at different candidates?
  3. The alleged firms have no diversity hiring programs put in place.
  4. Human resources not advising hiring managers on the negative consequences if diverse hiring practices are not strictly followed.

Point (2) is where human resources can have the best influence within the organization. If internal recruitment manpower resources are tight, using a reputable talent sourcing vendor to search out other nationalities with the right technical experience and soft-skills necessary for the job will go a long way to put the organization away from the dreaded MOM watchlist and also enhance the employer brand.

Comments from you please!

How else can we encourage our hiring managers to consider more diverse candidates? Do comment!