blu x Sourcing-As-A-Service


Since 2015, blu has been providing retail logistics services including warehousing and inventory management to order fulfilment to last-mile delivery. Powered by automation, robotics and AI, blu ensures real-time inventory tracking and delivery.

Recruiting Frustrations

Inconsistent quantity and quality of CV delivery

The time it took to receive CVs, interview, and hire

The costs involved when growing out multiple teams

Overall Views on TechBridge's NextGen model

The biggest innovation is around price point

The market is such where you can’t get anything right the first time, irrespective of company size, no amount of free screening from the old days and old prices. More so now, you have to go through a fair amount of testing and interviewing to identify whether this is the right person to hire or not. With recruitment agencies, there’s not a lot of focus on sourcing itself, the implication that they can just advise on roles and hires

We then had to review what the most productive way in terms of time spent and cost outlet in being able to go through a lot of candidates in the hope that we’ll find candidates who at least meet the 80% mark. That was the objective, using you guys to understand the most cost productive way to improve our process for all candidates. There are other options that don’t offer that as easily, or as cheaply

Quality of Service

What did TechBridge's process teach us? That we have to recruit often, and we shouldn’t be paying more

To a large extent, the actual team we dealt with were very cooperative and understanding during the process. The human element came across then, even though you're a contactless service! I guess that contact was necessary and it helped us out throughout the process

The number one success was being able to minimise the cost experience. The market was so volatile. The need to process so many candidates in a certain time period has grown, hence why I think this was such a good feature. There's also a decent timeline and sets the right overall expectations

I think the lack of restriction on the number of hires per campaign is hopeful, because then it makes things less complicated. The way it’s presented made it a lot easier to get going