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Committed to the mission of giving every business truly on demand access to a high performing Talent Acquisition function, whether they have one already or not.

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More Candidates. More Outreach. More Hires. Less Cost.

Our unique model blends powerful candidate search technology with highly skilled recruitment teams to build out qualified talent pipelines, allowing your acquisition teams to focus on interviewing and assessment rather than on search.

Access to more of the right candidates

We don’t advertise jobs. We find the best passive and active candidates for your positions across all of the most relevant sources, significantly improving the quality of your talent pipeline.

Your fastest path to a qualified shortlist

Once we have identified and reached out to the most suitable candidates for your role, our expert recruitment team professionally screen all interested parties before sending the first shortlisted profiles in a matter of days.

Free hiring galore

You won’t find a more cost effective recruitment solution for your business. Whether it’s one candidate or multiple, pay one low flat-fee and make an unlimited number of hires for your position – it’s the market’s lowest cost-per-hire.

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Success Stories

From those who stopped paying fees to recruitment agencies.

“It’s a small amount of money and we get a bunch of candidates in our system that we can build a prospect pipeline from in the long run. The service makes sense”

Lynx Analytics HR and Talent Manager

“I hope you guys become the new norm… I can’t see any way you won’t be”

Sparrow Exchange Head of HR

“Based on the quality we received in a hard-to-recruit market, we hired the [second] candidate on a short-term basis. And of course, there are no extra charges!”

BitWallet Talent Manager

“We’ve learnt a lot already in the kick off meeting… I think the COO loved that too, that you guys came in and helped us get to a hiring point”

Lynx Analytics HR and Talent Manager

“I loved the model… It’s high time for the market to enjoy the type of service TechBridge offers”

iVideoSmart CEO

“I was so impressed by the quality of CVs. We’re a start up, so the lack of hiring fees allow us to put our growth before everything else. My bosses were delighted to learn this”

CXA Head of Talent

The Talent Acquisition Corner

Steven Yeong

Steven Yeong

A former Head of Talent at brands such as Sony, Unilever and 3M, Steven is the creator of the Talent Acquisition Corner. As TechBridge’s own Informer-in-Chief, Steven invites you to rethink what modern Talent teams in a post-COVID society should look like.